The Difilippo Triplets

If you were a fan of Power Rangers Trey of Triforia, you’re likely more familiar with the Difilippo Triplets than you realize. They were the talent behind the original gold ranger and their work is well known throughout the country. In today’s post, we will discuss who the Difilippo Triplets are in-depth and get to know them better. Read on to learn more and follow us on social media to keep up!

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If you are a fan of The Power Rangers Zeo series, you’ll likely remember the Power Rangers Trey of Triforia! As you may recall, the gold ranger Zeo was unique in that he was the embodiment of three different personalities – Courage, Wisdom, and Heart – all tied to three physical bodies.

To correctly portray this character on the big screen, identical triplets Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo were cast as the actors for the role. Now, over 20 years later, the triplets have reunited for their fans and are here to tell you four facts you may not have known about their journey towards becoming the Gold ranger!

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Do you remember the Power Rangers Zeo TV show? It starred us — Tom, Ted, and Tim Difilippo — also known as the Triforian Triplets! We are three brothers who are all actors and in addition to this role, we have also starred in some other TV shows. In this blog post, we will be discussing four things that make us — the Difilippo Triplets — unique!

The Difilippo Triplets and a fan at a convention

Looking for heroic celebrities to add to your convention lineup? Power Rangers are always a hit with convention-goers, so why not book the original Golden Power Ranger? The Difilippo Triplets, who played Trey of Triforia on the show, are available for conventions and other events. Below are four reasons why you should book the Difilippo Triplets for your next event.

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If you were a fan of the Power Rangers Zeo show, you should most definitely attend a Difilippo Triplets event or convention. There are so many amazing reasons to attend an event or convention with the Difilippo Triplets. In today’s post, we’ll cover just a few of those reasons. Read on to learn more and get tickets for our next event today!


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