4 Facts About The Original Gold Power Rangers You Didn't Know Before

4 Facts About The Original Gold Power Rangers You Didn't Know Before

If you are a fan of The Power Rangers Zeo series, you’ll likely remember the Power Rangers Trey of Triforia! As you may recall, the gold ranger Zeo was unique in that he was the embodiment of three different personalities – Courage, Wisdom, and Heart – all tied to three physical bodies.

To correctly portray this character on the big screen, identical triplets Tom, Tim, and Ted DiFillippo were cast as the actors for the role. Now, over 20 years later, the triplets have reunited for their fans and are here to tell you four facts you may not have known about their journey towards becoming the Gold ranger!


Previous Roles

After having the opportunity to play the Power Rangers Trey of Triforia, Tom, Tim, and Ted were cast in numerous roles. These roles include playing sheep-cloning scientists on the Jay Leno Show, playing as potential dates for Carol Foster’s prom night in Step By Step, and roles in Major League Back to the Minors!


The Gold Ranger Audition

When it came to auditioning for the role of The Gold Ranger, Tom, Tim, and Ted had a much less formal audition than what usually occurs in the industry. Since the role was developed around the DiFilippo Triplets. The Triplets were personally invited to Shuki Levy the co-owner of Power Rangers house where he created and developed The Original Gold Ranger character for the Triplets. Here, the DiFillippos were able to successfully land the role, as they proved to be worthy of playing such a unique character!


Fun Fact About The Gold Ranger

One interesting thing about The Gold Ranger Zeo is that he was the only ranger that does not morph! He was either portrayed as one sole individual, ‘The Gold Power Ranger,’ or as three different ‘aliens’ known as the Trey of Triforia!



With the vast popularity of the Power Rangers series back in the nineties, all actors took advantage of the fame that came along with it. Tom, Tim, and Ted created numerous types of merchandise for fans, which included a calendar that held some of the best photos of the DiFilippo Triplets for fans to enjoy!

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