Why You Should Book The OG Golden Power Ranger (Difilippo Triplets) For Your Next Convention

Why You Should Book The OG Golden Power Ranger (Difilippo Triplets) For Your Next Convention

Looking for heroic celebrities to add to your convention lineup? Power Rangers are always a hit with convention-goers, so why not book the original Golden Power Ranger? The Difilippo Triplets, who played Trey of Triforia on the show, are available for conventions and other events. Below are four reasons why you should book the Difilippo Triplets for your next event.

The Difilippo Triplets as the OG Golden Power Ranger

Well Known By Power Ranger Enthusiasts

The Difilippo Triplets are best known for their role as the Gold Ranger on Power Rangers Zeo. They played Trey of Triforia, a character that was part of a three-person team. Fans of the show will instantly recognize them and will be excited to see them at your event.

The Difilippo Triplets and fans at a convention

Fun Entertainment

Booking the original Golden Ranger is the ultimate way to power up your convention. The Difilippo Triplets are not only heroes on the screen, but they are also great entertainers. They will have your guests laughing and smiling all day long, creating unforgettable memories.

a table of Difilippo Triplets merchandise

Talented-Great Opportunities

Each of the Difilippo Triplets are incredibly talented. This is a result of their experience not only on the set of Power Rangers, but also in their other projects. You can be sure that booking the Difilippo Triplets will give your guests a truly unique experience.

the Difilippo Triplets and Jay Leno


When you book the Difilippo Triplets, you are not just booking three power rangers. You are also booking three celebrities. The Difilippo Triplets have a large fan base, and your guests will be thrilled to meet them in person.

Rangers at the core! Powered up for More! The Difilippo Triplets are the original power ranger gold and are available for your next event! They are well known by power ranger enthusiasts, provide fun entertainment, have great opportunities, and are celebrities. Book the OG Golden Power Ranger for your next convention!